“Just Choosing” Isn’t That Simple.

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March 9, 2015 by inkedinbold

I am going to start off this post by stating that colors are just wavelengths of light perceived by our brains. The next time someone implies that pink is “for girls”, go ahead and use that as your comeback, because science always wins.

Now that we have established the fact that color is just bits of light, it sounds pretty ridiculous to say that girls have to like pink or that boys can’t like pink. Right? Right. Unfortunately, much of society and the media sends a message that gender stereotypes, such as those involving colors, simply must be followed and that some horrible event will occur if they break out of them. Perhaps spontaneous combustion or a velociraptor attack.

Small children are influenced by everyone and everything to think a certain way about gender. Before you say that’s not true, I have evidence – my own childhood experiences. Please keep in mind that my experiences aren’t representative of everyone’s experiences with gender stereotypes.

On my first day of kindergarten, we all sat in a circle on a fuzzy carpet and said our names and favorite colors. When it was my turn, I proudly said pink, and I have no idea why. I didn’t think it was a pretty color. The only reason I said it was because I was a girl, and I had to like pink. My smallish self didn’t think there was anything ridiculous about that. It just was.

People have said that if kids don’t like pink, then they can just choose to buy something in a different color. The problem with this is that when you are constantly told by your parents, friends, media, and society that you have to like only one color, when you are made fun of if you don’t, when you have to deal with all of the above at the age of five, you don’t really have a choice, do you? This is why “just choosing” isn’t an option.

As I said before, my experiences aren’t the same as everyone else’s. Go ahead and comment your stories below!


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