A Reality Check


April 12, 2015 by inkedinbold

We’ve all heard people saying that feminists hate men and want to control the world. I’d like to clear that up in this post by explaining what the concept of feminism is, what’s actually happening in the social justice world, and what should be happening.

Let’s start with the concept of feminism. Feminist means a person who believes both genders should be equal. Note: BOTH genders. It says nowhere that women are special snowflakes or superior or anything along those lines. Stereotypes hurt men too, and I want to fix that as well as gender stereotypes facing women. For example, one stereotype is that men are strong and can’t show emotion. If they go against that stereotype, they are labelled weak. That’s a problem.

Despite the concept of feminism being for both genders, we know that there are people who say they are feminists, and then run around the internet hating men, which causes quite a bit of confusion. Hating men isn’t justified. There are plenty of men who are perfectly nice people who support women’s rights and don’t objectify women. Radical “feminism” isn’t okay. If you are going to publicly announce that something is “feminist”, I have a piece of advice for you –

There are a few things that should happen in my opinion to make sure people understand what feminism is.

  1. Society should learn the original definition of feminism.
  2. It should be established that there is a difference between the feminism that we need and the radical feminism that is just not okay.
  3. It should be understood that both genders face problems with gender stereotypes, not just women.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and I hope this post helped clarify the internet feminism mess for you. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Reality Check

  1. Ok, but your #2 admits there are more than one type of feminism. That is kind of the point. People hate feminism because there isn’t just one group, there are tons of groups and half of them hate men. So… until feminists deal with their internal issues, many of us will continue to disregard feminism as unnecessary.

    We will still work towards equality and humanism, two things that have been fought for far before feminism was ever even thought of. We can work towards the same goal, but under two different banners. 🙂


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